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What should you do if you notice a drainage issue at your residential or commercial property? Don't ignore it-backed up water on your property is a major health and safety concern. Standing water breeds bacteria and attracts mosquitos, and the water could damage your property.

Turn to GBC Ground Breaking Construction, LLC in Missoula, MT when you need to hire an excavation contractor. We can grade and slope your land to make sure that water flows and drains correctly. Call us today to learn more about the excavation process.

Get complete excavation services

Get complete excavation services

You can rely on GBC Ground Breaking Construction for all of your excavation needs in Missoula, Montana. Our trained excavation contractor can:

  • Prepare your site for excavation
  • Dig your foundation
  • Grade and slope your land to fix drainage issues
  • Build or slope a road on your property
Spare yourself the hassle of future drainage issues by working with the skilled excavation pros at GBC Ground Breaking Construction. We'll make sure your land is graded and sloped properly.